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Med Surg Director Talks About Her Management Style at GCRMC1

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What is THRIVE Organization

GCRMC Improvement

1. What informed your choice of GCRMC?

2. Why GCRMC is the most natural choice!

4. Characteristics of an Ideal Inpatient joint unit nurse

5. A typical day in the Inpatient Joint Unit

6. Major changes rolled out at GCRMC since Covid-19

Why is GCRMC an ideal facility to work in?

2. Who is an ideal Inpatient Rehab team member?

An Overview of GCRMC’s Inpatient Rehab Unit.

13. What level of support do nurses receive in the inpatient rehab unit

12. Who’s an ideal candidate for the Inpatient Rehab team

11. What's unique about working in a community hospital like GCRMC

10. What made GCRMC an ideal career choice