Job Details : Registered Nurse - Wound Care | PRN

Title : Registered Nurse - Wound Care | PRN

Type : Temporary

Location : Alamogordo , NM

Job Details :

We are hiring a Registered Nurse specializing in Wound Care

Shift: Alternating / Rotating

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Robert Middleton, CNO & VP, talks about the nursing staff at GCRMC

About the Position

A Wound Care Registered Nurse focuses on treating and monitoring patients with complex wounds, ostomies, and/or continence conditions as a result of disease, injury, or medical treatment. You will need to quickly assess, safely treat, and create care plans for various wounds, such as surgical openings, ulcers, bed sores, feeding tube sites, and abscesses. Keen attention to detail is needed to accurately assess the patient and notice any symptoms indicating infections or a need for a surgical drain or debridement. Often, the Wound Care Nurse also educates and provides care instructions to the patient and their family on how to maintain continual care in order to help the wound properly heal and lower the risk of infection. 

About Advanced Wound Care of South Central New Mexico

Our Wound Center at Gerald Champion Regional Medical Center is a comprehensive wound healing center and coordinated outpatient center. We are dedicated to healing wounds, preventing lower limb loss, and optimizing patient outcomes. We help determine the underlying causes for why a patient’s wound may not be healing properly and specialize in the treatment of all types of non-healing and difficult-to-heal wounds.


    Marina, an RN, describes the close working relationship between staff at GCRMC


    • Associate's Degree in Nursing
    • Current Registered Nurse License
    • 1-2 years of wound care experience
    • Current BLS certification


    • Base hourly wages range from $25.95 to $40.55
    • New grad nurses can expect $25.95 while RNs with 15+ years of experience start around $40.55
    • BSNs are paid an additional $1.00 per hour and MSNs receive an extra $2.00 per hour
    • Additional compensation for differentials when applicable (such as Night Shifts or Holidays)
    • Annual increases for merit and in accordance with union contract 


    Robert Middleton, CNO, talks about GCRMC's 70th year anniversary

    About Gerald Champion Regional Medical Center

    Since 1948, Gerald Champion Regional Medical Center (GCRMC) has been a healthcare leader for the citizens of Otero County. With the support of over 1,000 employees, we strive to bring world-class access and technology not commonly found in rural New Mexico to the community. Wound care, Inpatient Rehabilitative Care, dedicated Hospitalist Care, the Joint Center, and Cardiac Cath lab are just a small sample of the high-quality care offered. At GCRMC, we provide an environment for our employees that encourages innovation and dedication, via a participative management system and correlating performance and rewards.

    GCRMC is an Equal Opportunity Employer that welcomes and encourages diversity in the workplace.

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